Desk-top Strip line EMC tester:

General Specification:

For a  functional description see the technical introduction.

Comprises a high-impedance strip line with integral balun and termination.  Manufactured from epoxy powder-coated aluminium and acetal copolymer insulation.

It is possible to switch the strip line termination to secure E and H field excitation separately as well as in combination,  subject to the frequency limitations given in the technical introduction.

The EUT table jig includes provision to retain the strip line in each of the three orthogonal axes whilst leaving the EUT undisturbed. It is manufactured from cast nylon and medium-density fibreboard.

        When packed for storage or transportation the strip line is positioned within the table base and below the table top.

                           Supplied complete with 10-page user instruction manual.

RF input: 50 ohms BNC Socket:       Maximum continuous power 2.5 watts – see E43xx specification below for peak power limitation of sensing tee.

The minimum operating frequency is 10MHz for field strength up to 18V/m, and 30MHz for higher fields.  The maximum recommended frequency corresponds to a half-wavelength spacing of the lines, and so is 660MHz for x4311 and 330MHz for x4322.

Typical field non-uniformity at the extreme corners of the specified working volume is 2.25dB.


Option Specifications:

E43xx Desk-top strip lines include a voltage sensing tee whose rectified output is made available for measurement.   The peak input power should be limited to 6.25 watts.  These strip lines are supplied complete with calibration data.


S43xx Desk-top strip lines are intended for use in the professional EMC laboratory where rf power, voltage, or field measuring devices are already conveniently available.


x4311 Desk-top strip lines offer a working volume of 110 x 110 x 110 mm for the EUT,  and require only 240 x 380mm of desk space.  Their RF power requirement for a 3V/metre cw test field is less than 10mW – within the available output of most signal generators.  300mW is required to produce the 18V/metre field required for modulated testing to the heavy industrial limits.  The maximum 2.5W continuous input will comfortably develop 50V/m field strength.


x4322 Desk-top strip lines offer the increased EUT volume of 220 mm³,  and require 480 x 760mm of desk space.  For a given field their RF power requirement is four times that of the x4311.  A field of at least 40V/m will be developed with the allowable short-term maximum 6.25W power input. 


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