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Richard Marshall Laboratories was an English Company that brought together consultancy, design, and UK manufacture of Electromagnetic Compatibility solutions.
It built on an appreciation of customer needs to provide user-friendly and cost-effective EMC and rf instrumentation for the product design laboratory and factory production line, as well as for the test specialist.
Clients for the CE marking and Electromagnetic compatibility training and consultancy services ranged from prestigious multinationals to one-man start-ups.
The founder, Richard Marshall, had a strong background in innovative system and product design as well as first-hand experience of creating and implementing standards, and his deep understanding of EMC effects led to innovation and improvements in standardisation.

Sadly Richard Marshall died last summer while on holiday, and Richard Marshall Laboratories has had to cease operations.   Some of Richard’s work has been transferred to Laplace Instruments Ltd, who continue to manufacture and support the CDN range of products, and continues with development work initiated by Richard.

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Laplace Instruments Ltd
Tudor House, Grammar School Road,
North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 9JH, UK
Tel: +44(0)1692 40 20 70

Our Coupler-Decoupler Networks are now made under licence and marketed world-wide by