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Publications and Reports

Unusual applications of ferrite-cored transformers: a connoisseurs guide, Richard Marshall,  EMC Journal, Issue107, July 2013 pp 29-33

 Ferrite-cored transformers and their application in EMC design and test, Richard Marshall,  EMC Journal, Issue106, May 2013 pp 27-30.

 Cores and Cables in EMC design and test, Richard Marshall,  EMC Journal, Issue105, March 2013 pp 19-24.

Interference emission from small Equipment: A measurement problem brought into focus by the testing of Power Line Adaptors,
Richard Marshall,  EMC Journal, Issue 96, September 2011 pp 30-33.

Environmental Effects of the widespread deployment of high speed Power Line Communication,
Richard Marshall,  EMC Journal, Issue 87, March 2010 pp 33 – 41.

Interference Emission from TV Receivers in Theory and Practice, Richard Marshall, EMC-UK Conference,  October 16th/17th 2007;   Day 2 Session 5. 

EMC of Networks, Richard Marshall IET Communications Engineer,  April/May 2006, pp36-40

EMC above 1GHz, Richard MarshallIEE Communications Engineer,  February/March 2006, pp30-33

Study into how CISPR14 Part 1 … may be improved to make it more relevant and accessible, Richard Marshall
Commissioned by the Radio Communications Agency and published 13th June 2003

The First 855 ‘banana skins’ for EMC